Cicoria Cor Wetvie
Name in Japanese チコーリア・コル・ウェットヴィ
Rōmaji Translation Chikooria Koru Wettovu
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Hitomi
Voice Actor (English) Kelly Metzger
Personal Info
Gender Female
Race Edel Raid
Affiliation/s Chaos Choir

Cicoria Cor Wetvie (チコーリア・コル・ウェットヴィ, Chikooria Koru Wettovu), better known as Cocovet (ココウェット, Kokowetto), is an Edel Raid who Reacts with Grayarts. After reacting, she appears as a long curved sword. She is able to amplify Grayart's voice while they are chanting their song and attacks with sonic waves. She is killed after they fail their mission to assassinate Cou. Grayarts wears her Elemental Gelade as a pendant.

She was killed by Gladius for failing her mission to capture Reverie Metherlence.