Elemental Gelade Episode 09
The Secret of Razfe Ankle
Name in Japanese 港町の秘密
Rōmaji Translation Razufe-Ankuru no Himitsu
Release Date 31 May 2005
Production Staff
Screenplay Katsura Murayama
Storyboard Jun'ichi Sakata
Episode Director Kazunobu Shimizu
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The Secret of Razfe Ankle (港町の秘密, Razufe-Ankuru no Himitsu) is the nineth episode of the 2005 anime series Elemental Gelade. The episode was first aired on 31 May 2005 in Japan, and 27 March 2007 in America.


Ren and Coud are ordered to find a job when they reach the town of Razfe Ankle. Coud saves Lillia who was being harassed, but he is mistaken as the culprit and attacked by Rasati. Rasati offers Ren and Coud shelter for the night as an apology. Meanwhile, Ciqua, Rowen, and Kuea discover an illegal fighting arena.