Elemental Gelade Episode 14
The Return of the Hunter
Name in Japanese 煌珠狩者、再臨
Rōmaji Translation Edirureido Hantaa, Sairin
Release Date 5 July 2005
Production Staff
Screenplay Tsuyoshi Tamai
Storyboard Masahiko Ohta
Episode Director Jun Takahashi
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The Return of the Hunter (煌珠狩者、再臨, Edirureido Hantaa, Sairin) is the fourteenth episode of the 2005 anime series Elemental Gelade. The episode was first aired on 5 July 2005 in Japan, and 1 May 2007 in America.


Coud awakens and chases after Ren who is far ahead. He is attacked by Wolx Hound who is on a mission to capture Ren and ignores the fact that Ren is nowhere to be seen. Coud successfully escapes Tilel's attacks until she doesn't have enough energy to fight. Cisqua finally catches up to Coud, as Rowen and Kuea are searching elsewhere nearby. As the fight continues, Tilel becomes too weak to continue fighting, but Wolx orders her to keep fighting. When Tilel says that she will protect Wolx, Coud and Cisqua leave, allowing Tilel to win the fight.