Lillia Tigres
Name in Japanese リィリア・ティグレス
Rōmaji Translation Rerea Tiguresu
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yuko Sasamoto (anime)
Kumi Sakuma (Drama CD)
Voice Actor (English) Justine Wong
Personal Info
Gender Female
Race Edel Raid
Affiliation/s Arc Aile (anime)

Lillia Tigres (リィリア・ティグレス Rerea Tiguresu) is an Edel Raid abandoned and found by Rasati. She then became her adopted sister.



She was adopted into the Tigres family and lived a happy life until their parents passed away. Rasati's uncle sold Lillia to a rich man for an undisclosed sum of money because she is an Edel Raid. Ever since, she's been working as a maid in his mansion. She is clumsy and is ridiculed by the other maids but they refrain themselves from bullying her because they're afraid of Rasati. She visits the arena to cheer for Rasati, but she can't stand to see her get hurt.


Lillia as weapon

Lilla in weapon form with Rasati, her Pledger

In the anime, instead of being sold by her uncle, their father died with a large debt. To earn money to pay off the debt, she works as a waitress at a restaurant. She appears once more to help Rasati and those of Arc Aile combat Chaos Choir and help Cou get to Edel Garden. She is now dressed as a nurse with the Arc Aile symbol on her hat. At the anime's end, she's helping Rasati try on women's clothing now that they have no reason to fight anymore. But unlike Lillia, Rasati is uncomfortable in women's clothes despite Lillia saying she was cute.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lilla's gelade

Lillia's elemental gelade

Her Elemental Gelade is on her right arm, just above her elbow and her Pledger is Rasati. The weapon she forms is a boot that Rasati wears on her right foot. The boot goes up to Rasati's knee, with the kneecap a long arc that becomes level with her arm. Lillia is able to boost Rasati's fighting capabilities.